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Why this Initiative

The startup ecosystem is a job creation engine for any country.However, when the ecosystem comes in bad light, it has a negative impact on the economy posing bigger challenges. Indian startup ecosystem is currently going through turbulent times, with direct impact on employee morale as well as the ability for a startup to attract and retain good talent.

In spite of the hurdles in the ecosystem, there are several companies in India who have created fantastic workplace experiences and their employees are the biggest promoters of their culture. Such companies, not only deserve special recognition in the ecosystem but also there is a lot to learn from them.

In view to spread awareness and reinforce the importance of building a sustainable business by laying emphasis on workplace culture, Culturro teamed up with several key stakeholders in the ecosystem to launch first of its kind initiative in India called the Workplace Experience Ranking 2017.

Why should my organization participate in the Ranking

This initiative is a great avenue for any organization to test its Workplace Experience and employee sentiment. Organizations who feature in the ranking can proudly boast about their employee centric approach to create the right Workplace Experience. Needless to say that a featured rank will help your organization market itself better in front of prospective employees, investor community and most importantly retain your existing talent.

What will my organization get

Recognition & Award as a company who creates best Workplace Experience™ for its employees across all categories

Complimentary Report with your overall Workplace Experience™ score as well as scores across 10 parameters

F6S Alpha Card worth USD 1 Million service benefits for organizations who feature in WER 2017 ranking

Opportunity to learn from the best in the industry on how to build & sustain a good Workplace Experience


Participating companies will be ranked across three categories based on their employee strength.

Companies with employee strength of 20 – 100

Companies with employee strength of 101 – 500

Companies with employee strength of 500+

Participation Criteria

  1. Organization must have more than 20 employees
  2. Date of incorporation must be before 01-July-2016
  3. Organization’s survey response rate must be high enough to ensure it is a representative sample of the company
  4. For franchises, only the corporate employees will be surveyed