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Today’s offices are open with no cabins or cubicles. Typical belief is that having an open office space equates to open culture. It is also believed that open offices facilitate “collaboration”, “open communication”, and give a “feeling of equality”. But does all this happen by just having an open physical office space?

Office space by itself is just a building. It is merely a bare structure that must be supported by right workplace experience for employees and company to thrive.

Hence, focusing on open mindset instead of open office is the need for creating a high performing organization. Open mindset is all about being receptive to difference of opinions, ideas, and needs.  What organizations should provide each employee is the right set of resources, environment, and experiences to do the job to the best of their ability. Irrespective of the design, employee experience should be of transparency and trust to have open culture. It’s the transparency and trust that gives a feeling of “being heard” and “valued” that enables “collaboration”, “open communication”, and “feeling of equality” in the true sense.