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When you ask a Founder “What kind of culture you want to create?” the unanimous answer you get is “we want to create a culture similar to that of Google”. Culture at Google is almost synonymous with good culture, and something that is right for all and any kind of organization. But is that true?

Good culture for any organization is something that is unique to them. A culture that helps them achieves their own strategic objectives and is not about replicating any other successful company’s culture. Right culture is the good culture, Culture that is a differentiator and is nonreplicable.

Since every organization is unique so is its culture. Hence something that works for one company might or might not work for another. Culture that is ‘the’ USP or differentiator for any organization is the one that is unique to them.  For example Netflix is known for its freedom & responsibility, Zappos ; for its customer service, Pixar ; for its creativity and Google ; for its innovation. All these companies have a culture which is unique to them and have helped them, obtain their own strategic objective. Finding and then working towards creating a culture that is unique and helps to meet the strategic objective of any organization is the only way young startups should approach this tricky but imperative topic.