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Who qualifies for participation?

To qualify for participation in Workplace Experience™ Ranking 2017, your organization must be incorporated before 01-July-2016 and have at least 20 employees. If you are a global company, we will only survey your India employees. For franchises, only the corporate India employees will be surveyed

A primary contact from your organization will have to register to participate in the ranking and will coordinate with us for all further steps

Will all participating companies be featured in the Workplace Experience™ Ranking 2017?
No, not all participating companies will be included in the ranking. Only companies with high Workplace Experience™ scores will be featured in the ranking
Is there a fee to participate in the Workplace Experience™ Ranking 2017?

Yes, there is a fee to participate in the Workplace Experience™ Ranking 2017. You will have to make the payment at the time of registration

Please Note: Your registration will be confirmed only after we receive a confirmation of payment of the registration fees. Registration fees once paid are non-refundable

What are the steps to register for Workplace Experience™ Ranking 2017?

Registration for Workplace Experience™ Ranking 2017 is a simple three step process,

Step 1: Enter the required details in the registration form and submit the form.

Step 2: Once you submit the registration form, you will be redirected to a payment gateway to pay the registration fees.

Step 3: After successful payment, you will receive a confirmation email with next steps and invoice within 24 hours.

To Register Now, click here

My organization has registered, what are the next steps?
Post-successful payment and registration, you will receive a confirmation email on the registered email id with details of the next steps. Our team will be in touch with you to explain the next steps mentioned in the email
Can I cancel my registration?
Unfortunately once registered, you will not be able to cancel your registration
Is the survey for the Workplace Experience™ Ranking anonymous?
The survey is completely anonymous. No personal details of your employees will be captured or shared. Read more about our Anonymity Policy in the Term & Conditions above
How will the employees take the survey?
Our team will share a unique survey link with the primary contact for your organization on the registered email id. The primary contact will need to circulate the survey link internally in your organization and ensure the employees fill the survey before the closing date
What happens to the employee’s responses when they submit the survey?
Employee responses will be used to calculate an organization’s Workplace Experience™ score, which will be used to determine the rank of the organization
Where do survey emails come from?
The survey emails will come from Your IT department must add this email to ensure that spam filters do not block survey emails
What response rate do I need?

Depending on your organization’s employee strength mentioned in the registration form, we will let you know of the minimum response sample required from your organization via email​

Please Note: Organizations with response rate below the minimum requirement will be disqualified and not considered for the ranking

What is the timeframe for the survey? Can I extend the timeframe?

The survey will be open for 3 weeks from the date and time we announce it open. You cannot extend the timeframe for the survey


How will I come know how many employees have taken the survey?
Our team will send reminders twice a week indicating your participation level. Since the survey is completely anonymous we cannot tell you identities of the employees who have taken the survey, but we will tell you the total number of employees who have taken the survey in your organization as a part of our reminders
How will you measure my organization’s Workplace Experience™ ?

An organization’s Workplace Experience™ is measured on 10 parameters. The survey consists of 40 questions based on these 10 parameters. Basis the responses of your employees for the survey our proprietary analytical tool will calculate the overall Workplace Experience™ score which will be used for the ranking

To know more about the 10 parameters of Workplace Experience™, please read our blog Workplace Experience™Hierarchy of Needs

What will I get for participating in the Workplace Experience™ Ranking?

For your participation, you will receive a complimentary report of your results. The report will include your overall Workplace Experience™ Score and scores of 10 parameters, which define your organization’s Workplace Experience™. Other benefits include F6S Alpha Card worth USD 1 Million service benefits

Please Note: F6S Alpha card will only be given to organizations that feature in the final ranking and have registered on F6S platform as directed in the confirmation mail

For a detailed report and analysis, you can contact us at

When will I be alerted about the results?

If your company secures a position in the ranking, you will receive an email notifying you before the list is published. The list will be published in December 2017