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Workplace Experience™ Ranking 2017 will open registrations on 11-September-2017 for all startups in India who have more than 20 employees and are registered before 01-July-2016. This is the first time an initiative is being launched for the Indian startup ecosystem with a special focus on ranking startups with best Workplace Experience. Several key stakeholders in the ecosystem support this initiative and truly believe it as an excellent medium for startups to market themselves as the best employer to prospective employees.

Workplace Experience™ Ranking 2017 conceptualized and led by Culturro, co-branded with BusinessWorld and is presented in association with Indian Angel Network. The focal point of the initiative is to give Indian startups a platform to promote their workplace culture and recognize startups in the ecosystem that are creating fantastic experiences for their employees.

Why should a startup participate in the Workplace Experience™ Ranking 2017?

 This initiative is a great avenue for any organization to test its Workplace Experience and employee sentiment. Organizations who make it in the ranking can proudly boast about their unique approach to creating an employee centric Workplace Experience. Needless to say a featured rank will help your organization market itself better to attract & retain talent.

 What will my startup get for participating in the Workplace Experience™ Ranking 2017?

 Apart from the opportunity to get recognized as an organization that has a good Workplace Experience and official boasting rights that will follow, participating in the Workplace Experience™ Ranking 2017 has several other perks

  • Complimentary Report – Every participating organization will get a complimentary report of their overall Workplace Experience score as well as scores across 10 Workplace Experience parameters. This will help companies to understand employee sentiment and how they fare in comparison to their competitors in their category
  • F6S Alpha Card worth USD 1 Million Service Benefits – The F6S Alpha card is a coveted invite only card with USD 1 Million service benefits which will be awarded by our ecosystem partner F6S to organizations who feature in the 2017 ranking. To know more about the F6S Alpha card visit F6S website
  • Opportunity to Learn – Learn from top investors, business leaders and HR professionals, who will share their view on what works and what does not work when building the right Workplace Experience in the organization.

If you are a startup that values workplace culture and takes pride in it, then this initiative is your medium to let the world know and get recognized.

Registrations open on September 11, 2017

This article was first posted on BW Businessworld platform on September 08, 2017