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In the busy city of Bangalore, there was a startup that was growing leaps and bounds. While the startup had everything they could wish for, one fine day their star employee, Amit, decided to put down his papers. Perplexed by this move Rohan (HR) and Harish (CEO) confronted Amit and asked him, why does he want to leave the company? Rohan looked into their eyes and said only one thing, “When you never heard me out before how does it matter today..”

Have you faced a similar situation? The real reason why sometimes even your best employees decide to leave is because you did not communicate with them. Communication is a two-way channel and in any organization hearing the employee voice is key.

The Fix:

  • Talk to your employees on regular intervals and make sure everyone at every level is not just giving information but also listening to problems and advice.
  • When was the last time you took anonymous and structured feedback from your employees about anything? Take feedback on regular intervals (don’t wait until the end of the year) on the smallest to biggest things. This is the best way for employees to know that you care!
  • An employee joined you 6 months back, did you care to ask him if he has settled in? or is he able to cope with things? Till you don’t ask you will not know. Communicate on a personal level not only for the sake of work.

Try it out and let us know if it worked!