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It was a Wednesday afternoon when Arjun was engrossed in a team meeting with his core team. Right then the news trickled in that Parag, the star sales manager, has suffered a heart attack and is being taken to hospital. The news was shocking as Parag was just 31 and had recently got married. How did that happen?

What happened to Parag could happen to anyone in your company as well. This is an extreme case of employee burnout. Parag being a star performer was entrusted with more and more responsibilities. He also enjoyed the same without realizing the toll it’s taking on his mind and body. Like Parag faced a toll on his body, there are several employees that feel mental, social, emotional burnout. So how do we notice the same and fix it?

The Fix:

  • Watch out for signs of fatigue – mental and physical. All employees go through cycles of fatigue and it’s mostly reflective in their performance. Watch out for early signs of drop in performance, physical fatigue, and sickness. Once identified encourage the employee to take a break to refresh physically and mentally
  • Create the right blend between performance and work-life balance for your employees. Given the nuclear nature of our society, it’s becoming imperative that employees are able to maintain their personal responsibilities along with the professional responsibilities. Being empathetic to their “flexibility needs” adds a lot to their commitment towards work
  • Build a community feeling among employees. Most of the modern workforce is living away from their families. Also most of them study in one city and move to another for work leaving behind their support network of friends. Helping them build a community network at workplace gives them a mental and emotional anchor

Most employee wellbeing initiatives start with the right intent. Responsibility of execution can be handed over to the employees themselves.

Try it out and let us know if it worked!