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It was a Monday morning when Gaurav, the CEO and Co-Founder of an Analytics startup, was driving down to work. Right then he received the resignation letter of Shiv, a star project manager. Shiv had been with the company since it started 2 years back. He was instrumental in delivering top notch work to his clients backed up by his team. There have been other project managers that joined the company but couldn’t make the cut. The company was growing and Shiv had always seen himself growing with the company in all prior discussions Gaurav had with him. What went wrong with Shiv? What made Shiv give up?

Shiv used to report to Gaurav directly since the beginning. However, as the company was growing Gaurav hired his old friend Keshav as the Director of Operations recently and Shiv’s reporting as changed to Keshav. Although Keshav was a seasoned manager, Shiv didn’t understand this change. As Shiv had built his vision of working closely directly with the CEO of the company, he took this change as a demotion for himself and saw it as a hindrance in his growth in the company. Has this happened in your organization where old trusted employees leave when new middle management joins in a growing company?

The Fix:

  • Design and communicate future looking organization from the start. Giving the right picture of future hierarchy to new employees from the start is imperative to prevent such situations. Communicate that you may be handling multiple boxes in the organization chart. The boxes that may get new people in future
  • Communicate the change by highlighting Growth prospects for key employees in the evolving organization chart. Keep the key employees and their career evolution in mind while designing organization charts. Communicate the same to them while doing major changes. Tell them the need for a senior member and how the organization as well as they would benefit with the new hire. Show empathy, make them comfortable
  • Constantly work on Growth & Development needs of your employees. By understanding and highlighting the skills your employees need to develop over time helps them develop a clear picture of their career growth. Have a constant feedback system to highlight the concerned area for the employee in a constructive manner to make them open to their own development

Try it out and let us know if it worked!