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It was a three hour flight from Delhi to Bengaluru that Satish and Rohit took to go for their quarterly board meeting. On the flight they started the discussion on a problem that they had been facing for long now. They were using a collaboration tool and had tried several others in the past to boost collaboration in their startup. However, none of the tools were able to boost collaboration the way they had hoped for. Various departments were still working in silos. What went wrong? Were they using wrong tools?

Creating a collaborative environment goes way beyond selecting and using the right collaborative tool. Tools are only a means of facilitation. True collaborative environment depends on building the right collaborative mindset that enables employees to approach each other with problems and solutions openly.

The Fix:

  • Create an environment of psychological safety. Providing an environment of trust and mutual respect to employees creates a sense of psychological safety among them. Employees should be able to freely share their opinions and views across departmental boundaries without fear of rejection or breaking hierarchical boundaries
  • Design the organizational construct to boost collaboration. Setup and execute collaborative sessions such as knowledge sharing across departments, hustle meetings, and ideation sessions. These sessions act like ice-breakers among cross functional employees for future collaboration to happen

Try it out and let us know if it worked!